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Our first donation is only 6 weeks away and I've been thinking a lot about sweet Benny. Its close to Thanksgiving and this picture from Thanksgiving 2007 reminds me of the funny quirks that come along with pets who have tasted life without a home. So many places to lay his head- Sofas, comforters, rugs but Benny loved laying in the dirt, like this picture, seven years after we adopted him and too much pampering to even admit. But that's what he loved and that's what he did. 
Our baking line TSP, Totally Sweet Products, has been in stock for only 8 weeks  and sales are already off to a great start out of the gate! Since our first donation will be based on only 3 months of startup selling, we have chosen only one recipient group. They work tirelessly to care for injured pets who come to them in pretty bad shape. We'll be announcing the donation & recipient just before the end of the year. We're so excited to be able to contribute our first donation to this fantastic group.